Opera Quiz 3 - You Think You Know Duets?

Duets are a vital part of the opera world!   When most of us think of operatic duets, one usually thinks of love duets! 

BUT - there are actually many many types of duets in the opera world, almost as if love duets are in the minority!

For our Opera Quiz #3, we offer examples of many kinds of duets: love duets - seduction duets - duets between friends (male/male and female/female) - a father/daughter duet - two bird-like people duet - a cheating duet - an angry duet - a life in a fantasy duet - and a few others.

Collaborations include Opera at Florham, Eastern Opera Company, BONJ Opera, and PhilanthrOpera presented by the Madison Area YMCA.

Great international and local singers include Kevin Peters and Timothy Maureen Cole who also co-directed several productions, Valerie Bernhardt, Lori Ernest, Gary Pate, Mark Delavan, Maria Alu, Mark Wilson, Dmitri Zigrino, Noelle Arteche, Jessica Esrig, Ted Dougherty, Jason Adamo, Pat Conte, George Spitzer, Karole Lewis and the BONJ Opera Chorus.  

A few hints:

Some excerpts are in English but were originally in Italian or German, but some are and were originally in English.

Composers represent several traditions: 2 are by a German identified more with England, 2 are French, 1 (the most challenging one because of a rarely performed masterpiece) is more known for film scores, 4 are Italian, 1 is German though the excerpts are in English and Italian, 1 is German performed in English

Operas range from Baroque through the 20th century


1. Lakme - Leo Delibes - Lakme and Mallika (Valerie Bernhardt and Lori Ernest)

2. Acis and Galatea - Georg Frideric Handel - Acis and Galatea (Noelle Arteche and Dmitri Zigrino)

3. The Elixir of Love (L'Elisir d'amore) - Gaetano Donizetti - Dulcamara and Adina (Jason Adamo and Timmie Cole)

4. Die Fledermaus (The Bat) - Johann Strauss - Eisenstein and Falke (Kevin Peters and Jason Adamo)

5. Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearlfishers) - Georges Bizet - Zurga and Nadir (Gary Pate and Mark Delavan)

6. Rigoletto - Giuseppe Verdi - Rigoletto and Gilda (Mark Wilson and Maria Alu)

7. La Boheme - Giacomo Puccini - Rodolfo and Mimi (Kevin Peters and Timmie Cole)

8. Die Zeuberflote (The Magic Flute) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Papagena and Papageno (Jessica Essrig and Ted Dougherty)

9. Don Giovanni - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni and Zerlina (Mark Delavan and Lori Ernest)

10. Semele - Georg Frideric Handel - Ino and Athamas (Pat Conte and George Spitzer)

11. Die Tote Stadt - Erich Korngold - Paul and Marietta (Gary Pate and Valerie Benhardt)

12. Die Fledermaus (The Bat) - Johann Strauss - Rosalinde and Eisenstein (Timmie Cole and Kevin Peters)

13. I Pagliacci - Riggiero Leoncavallo - Nedda and Silvio (Karole Lewis and Jason Adamo)

14. Die Fledermaus - Final Chorus

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