Orchestra Music Quiz

One thinks of orchestra music and usually one thinks of concertos and symphonies. 

But there are many other types of orchestra music - dances, overtures, intermezzi, tone poems, serenades, and divertissements.

Our orchestra music quiz is a bit challenging.  We're sure there will be many melodies you'll recognize but not be able to place.

Composers represented are from the 18th through the 20th centuries.

Composers represent many countries and traditions: 2 are American (including an African-American female composer of the 20th century) - 5 are German though one is more associated with England - 1 is Russian - 4 are Italian - 1 is German but mostly composed in France and is thought of as French composer

3 are opera overtures - 3 are opera intermezzi - 1 is a ballet dance - 1 is from a Baroque suite - 1 is one of the first Romantic tone poems - the others are serenades, sets of variations, or tone poem-like compositions.

HINT: one of the Italian Overtures is by one of opera's most popular composers, but is from one of his rarely performed operas.


1. George Chadwick - Jubilee from Symphonic Sketches

2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Divertimento

3. Richard Wagner - Siegfried Idyll

4. Gioachino Rossini - Overture to The Barber of Seville

5. Ruggiero Leoncavllo - Intermezzo to Pagliacci

6. Jacques Offenbach - Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffmann

7. Georg Frideric Handel - Bouree from The Water Music

8. Florence Price - Concert Overture #2

9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Overture to The Marriage of Figaro

10. Giuseppe Verdi - Overture to Attila

11. Johannes Brahms - Variations on a Theme of Haydn

12. Felix Mendelssohn - Les Hebrides

13. Pietro Mascagni - Intermezzo to Cavaleria rusticana

14. Petr Tchaikovsky - Trepak from The Nutcracker Suite

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