BONJ Quizzes 2020

  • BONJ Opera and Orchestra Quizzes
    BONJ Opera and Orchestra Quizzes

For your enjoyment during these times without live concert, we have created 6 quizzes from BONJ performances and collaborations - including opera and orchestra works.

To test yourself:

Opera quizzes: name the opera - the composer - the characters singing.

Orchestra quizzes: name the composer.

By clicking on the videos, you can take all the quizzes below without knowing the answers in advance then click on the individual quiz links to find the answers


You can go to the individual quiz pages, try the quiz, then check the answers on that page, and move to the next quiz page.

Many of these works are familiar, but a few are rare masterpieces and a bit more challenging.  Have fun.

Opera Quiz 1 with Answers 

Opera Quiz 2 with Answers 

Opera Quiz 3 with Answers

Symphony Quiz with Answers

Concerto Quiz with Answers

Orchestra Music Quiz with Answers

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