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BONJ | 3/7/2021


George Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F was composed in 1925, commissioned by Walter Damrosch and premiered by The New York Symphony Orchestra.  

Pianist Paul Zeigler performed the exciting work with BONJ in June, 2019.  Zeigler interpreted the solo part with verve, energy, and the perfect blend of seriousness and playfulness.  Individual soloists within the orchestra captured the jazzy bluesy flavors of Gershwin''''s music with a wonderful feeling for the melodic/harmonic richness.  

"This was truly an unforgettable experience," Maestro Butts commented. "The work is surely a 20th century masterpiece."

Gershwin's concerto is distiinguished by many unforgettable melodies and a rich harmonic writing for the piano and orchestra.  The virtuoso solo part requires true artistry and musicality as well as an understanding of both Gershwin's style and the style of the music of the period.  The music is marked by frequent syncopated passages reflecting the jazz influences of the 1920s.  The moods alternate between liberated expressions of joy and bluesy passages of great emotionality.

The concerto is in 3 movements: 

1. 0:00 - allegro

2. 15:00 - adagio-andante con moto

3. 29:00 - allegro agitato

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