BONJ 2020 Summer Festival A Success

BONJ | 9/17/2020

Thank you to our wonderful friends and patrons for sharing the summer''s most unique music festival. Thank you to our great artists for providing so many unforgettable musical moments.

Your Summer Concerts have been a gift to the community.    Leslie Carson

I enjoyed every minute of the BONJ 2020 Virtual Summer Festival! There was something for everyone: traditional and contemporary, familiar compositions and world premieres, vocal and instrumental. What I enjoyed most, however, was the intimacy between performer and listener achieved through the virtual platform that would not have been possible in a concert hall. Bravo to all the performers and technicians!    Charlotte Moors

The festival was absolutely spectacular. It brought together people from all walks of life - with a common goal: bringing beautiful music to life and sharing it with us. Andrew Masini said you embraced the technology. You all seized it and and gave it a life of its own. It felt like you were all there in my room, and the reason is because the musicians make us feel that way.   Raymond Gomez

Amazing! Our Maestro''s disappointment - and ours and the musicians'' - over the fact that the annual Summer Festival could not go on this year ~~ absolutely HAD to be addressed! Well ... he did it! ~ VIRTUALLY!!  He forged ahead with plans to have four concerts on four consecutive Sunday evenings at 7:30 PM .. presented live ... and then remain on his website for viewing for a full week ... until the next concert was available! What we witnessed was ... Sheer determination!  Sheer genius! Sheer love of music, his audience and his musician friends and vocalists!   Diane Close

If you missed any of the concerts, wish to enjoy them again, or want to share them with friends:

August 16, 2020: Paul Zeigler (piano), Roosevelt Porter (bass), Jason Adamo (bass-baritone), John Pivarnik (piano). Music by Brahms, Dragonetti, Mozart, Rossini, Porter, Rodgers, Hahn, Puccini - and the World Premiere of "Three Movements for Bass" by Maestro Robert W. Butts.

August 23, 2020: Timmie Cole (soprano), John Pivarnik (piano), Evan Ardelle (cello), Jee-Hoon Krska (piano). Music by Mozart, Donizetti, Bach, Marcello, and Rachmaninoff and also featuring "Two Wheatley Songs" by Maestro Robert W. Butts.

August 30, 2020: Jesse Gerbasi (snare drum/, xylophone), Peter Howard (cello), John Pivarnik (piano). Music by Peter Jarvis, Frank Zappa, Bach, Debussy, Schubert, and Liszt.

September 6, 2020: Stanley Alexandrowicz (guitar), The Evergreen Violin Trio (Emily James, Sara d''Sa, Amelia Muccia). Music by Enrst Bacon, Eric Sessler, Tchaikovsky, Purcell, Handel, Mussorgsky, and Gershwin - and the World Premiere of "Canti de Venezia" by Maestro Robert W. Butts

Concerts were recorded live at the Madison Community Arts Center. Bravo to Brian Foran for his terrific audio and video recording.

A special thank you to Eric Hafen, Director of The Madison Community Arts Center; Jerry Vezza, President of MACA.

Thank you for being part of our special 2020 Summer Music Festival and for your generous support!

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